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Lunch and Dinner BBQ Specials

Proudly serving Old-School family hand-me-down recipes traced back to Falkner County, Ark (circa 1923)
*Event Catering Available Plate: Includes meat and two side dishes Non-Plate: Includes only meat
Chopped Pork
As a sandwich or on the plate. Our best seller. Slow smoked pork butt pulled and then chopped.
$8.95 $10.95 per pound
Chicken Leg Quarter
Rightly seasoned and lightly smoked
$5.95 $2.95 each
Chicken Breast Filet
Split breast with wing portion.
$6.95 $3.95 each
Rib Dinner
Pork ribs, slow smoked and rightly seasoned ender.
1/2 Pound: $9.95

1/2 Rack: $14.95
$10.95 per pound
Cajun Sausage
Cajun sausage and two side diches
$8.95 $10.95 per pound
Sampler Plate
Three meats and two sides dishes all for
Several "Family Packs" to choose from - Chopped Pork, Chicken, Ribs